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Sweet Greetings From Nature

Sugar is a natural talent in all plant species. Sugar sun in a process called photosynthesis, is formed of water and carbon dioxide. Sun is the prime carrier, so to say that it is sugar stored solar energy in a way that would not be wrong.

Sugar cane and sugar beet: Two plants contain more sugar than others. They are only suitable for sugar extraction plant.

Turkey until the majority of sugar produced by the sugar factory sugar beet stems. There are beet root with green leaves. They where they absorb water and key nutrients, grow directly in the soil. Photosynthesis produces the root or beet sugar and warehousing, develops green leaves. Sucrose, sugar beets, sugar is obtained from sugar cane as the same type. Sugar beets are mainly minerals, amino acids, polyphenols, vitamins, etc. in addition to water (75%), sugar (17-19%) consists of